Maria Jacot ... was born and bred in Toronto Central and she has seen Toronto grow from a “small city with the city limits being - Hoggs Hollow” to the dynamic expanding cultural Mega City of today. I dare you to stump her on a street location in Toronto! PROFESSIONALISM - licensed since 1989 - continued to become a Broker - asked to be part of the busiest Management teams in the city. - continued education to set top standards in the real estate profession RESPECT - understands your needs and wants, especially with the difficulties of selling your home - respects your time and your interruptions. - has the highest respect from other agents in the RE business HONESTY - gives you a realistic overview and price of yoru property with a good marketing system - will advise and direct you to gain the best experience and most dollars $ from your home! INTEGRITY - has YOUR sole interest at heart!! - stands behindher professionalism to negotiate on your best behalf - her reputation is tops in the business * ALSO MAKES SELLING & BUYING HOUSES FUN!!